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In order to manage to develop the final outcome a lot of experimentation took place. In fact I did five prototypes so that to find the most efficient material and design of the boards but also to experiment with the electronics and test the different levels of interaction.

At first I just used the conductive paint instead of wires in order to check its ability to carry electricity, so I was literally drawing circuits on a piece of paper and connecting the positive and the negative sides of the LEDs to the Arduino.

My idea based on this ability of the conductive paint to draw circuits. When someone was drawing a tag/message etc, a circuit was closed and an LED was switching on so that to showcase it. My first experiment was on a piece of cardboard where I was using the conductive paint instead of wires. On the front side of the cardboard we had the LED and one dot of the paint on the other side preinstalled. When someone was connecting these two points the circuit was closed and the LED was switching on. In fact  which was connected with an output pin on the Arduino.

The only thing I was trying to test is the ability of the conductive paint to close a circuit which was presented on an LED(which position was on one of the edges of the drawn tags) that was switching on when the circuit was closed. The principle idea that we can close a circuit by drawing was a fact and was working so I could go on and search for more complex behaviours of the conductive paint in connection with the LEDs.

Prototyping1_web2 Prototyping2_web2 Prototyping3_web2


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